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Lakes and rivers

Here is an overview of the lakes and rivers, including accommodations where available. Click on the name of the lake or river to get more information about the angling conditions, and available cabins or houses in the area.

Halden watercourse
Glomma watercourse
Other watercourses
Lake Hemnes
Lake Skulerud
Lake Rødenes
Lake Øymark
Lake Ara
Lake Aspern
Lake Femsjøen
River Vorma
River Kampåa
River Glomma in Akershus
Downpart of River Glomma
Lake Isesjø
The Lundeby watercourse
The Elgå watercourse

Downpart of River Glomma
Nedre GlommaGlomma is the longest river in Norway. From the big lake Øyeren, it runs 70 km through a changing landscape of forests and farmland until it meets the North Sea at the city of Fredrikstad. The river varies between narrow stretches with strong currents and wider sections where it broadens into a large and gently flowing river.

This part of Glomma has a large diversity of fish, with 27 species in total. The most common fish are pike, perch, pike-perch, burbot, carps, eel, salmon and sea-trout. Here you definitely have the possibility of catching the biggest pike of your life!

If you want to fish in Downpart of River Glomma you can stay at:
Hus ved Sarpsborg med store fiskemuligheter i Glomma

Lake Hemnes
HemnessjøenLake Hemnes lays in beautiful farm country on the border between Akershus and Østfold counties. The lake is divided into several nature reserves and is home to a rich diversity of birdlife.
Located in the northern part of the Halden drainage, Lake Hemnes offers a particularly good pike angling. In addition there are good populations of perch and roach. The depth varies, but the lake is characterized by shallow waters with a high density of fish.

Length: 12 km
Area: 13,3 km2
Greatest depth: 35 m
Average depth: 8 m
Water regulation interval: 1,40 m

Lake Skulerud
SkullerudsjøenLake Skulerud is located to the south in Akershus county, and is mainly surrounded by forest, with some farmlands bordering the northern part. Lake Skulerud is linked to the larger Lake Rødenes in the south, and it is possible to travel between the two by boat. The lake is rather shallow, and offers excellent pike and perch angling.

Length: 4 km
Area: 1,7 km2
Greatest depth: 17 m
Average depth: 10 m
Water regulation interval: 0,93 m

ElgåvassdragerElgåvassdraget er et sidevassdrag til Enningdalselva og renner ut i Enningdalselva via den fine Elgåfossen nær grensa til Sverige. Langs vassdragets nedre del er det god adkomst fra bilvei. Her er flere større skogsvann som for eksempel Lysevann og Elgvann, med fine bestander av gjedde, abbor og noe ål . Mellom vanna er det fine elevstrekninger med gode bestander av ørret.

OVERNATTING: Bryggerhus med gode fiskemuligheter:




If you want to fish in Elgåvassdraget you can stay at:
Leilighet i lave i Marker

Lake Øymark
ØymarksjøenThe idyllic Lake Øymark is situated in the eastern part of Østfold county, and in the middle part of Halden watercourse. This narrow lake has several small and larger bays, and widens out into the larger Otteid bay in its southern part, before emptying into the beautiful river Strømselva.

Angling for the largest pike of your life is the lake’s biggest attraction, along with an excellent population of perch.

Length: 20 km
Area: 15,1 km2
Greatest depth: 35 m
Average depth: 16 m
Water regulation interval: 1,00 m

If you want to fish in Lake Øymark you can stay at:
Fritidsbolig idyllisk beliggende ved Øymarksjøen
Hus ved Øymarksjøen med gode muligheter for fiske
Hytte med gode fiskemuligheter i Ara og Øymarksjøen
Smiåsen, hytte ved Øymarksjøen
Stort hus ved Øymarksjøen, Marker

Lake Ara
AraLake Ara is situated in the eastern part of Østfold county, and in the middle of the Halden watercourse. Ara is derived from the skandanavian meaning Lake Eagle, and is also gives the name to the local township, Aremark.

Lake Ara has a number of small islands and shallow bays, and offers excellent angling for pike, perch and burbot.

Length: 8 km
Area: 7,8 km2
Greatest depth: 40 m
Average depth: 17 m
Water regulation interval: 1,63 m

If you want to fish in Lake Ara you can stay at:
Hytte ved innsjøen Ara med gangavstand til Vestfjella
Hytte med gode muligheter for gjeddefiske i Ara
Hus i Aremark med fiskemuligheter i Ara og Aspern
Velutstyrt hytteperle med gode fiskemuligheter i Ara og Aspern
Øystein, veslestua
VELKOMMEN TIL »SETER`N» - et naturlig sommerhus.

Lake Aspern
AspernLake Aspern is situated in the south-eastern part Østfold County. After running southwards, the watercourse in this lake turns 90 degrees to the west, and runs through the river Stenselva to the lake Femsjøen close to Halden.

Because there is no developed famland near the lake, a true wilderness feeling prevails in this area.

Beside perch and burbot, the lake offers excellent pike angling.

Length: 8 km
Area: 8,0 km2
Greatest depth: 45 m
Average depth: 18 m
Water regulation interval: 1,63 m If you want to fish in Lake Aspern you can stay at:
Hytte med gode muligheter for fiske i Aspern og Ara

Lake Femsjøen
FemsjøenLake Femsjøen is the southernmost lake in the Halden watercourse. From here the water runs several kilometres through the deep river valley of Tista before it meets the sea by the city of Halden.
Lake Femjøen is quite deep and has a more rounded shape than the long and narrow lakes further north. The lake is characterized by numerous islands, making for excellent angling conditions.
The lake is mainly surrounded by forest, with some agricultural land to the north and southeast.
Pike fishing is best in the north and southeast close to the islands. In addition you’ll find strong populations of perch and burbot.

Length: 6,8 km
Area: 10,2 km2
Greatest depth: 50 m
Average depth: 20 m
Water regulation interval: 1,00 m

If you want to fish in Lake Femsjøen you can stay at:
Stabbur med anneks ved Femsjøen - gode fiskemuligheter

VestfjellaVestfjella is a forested area in the eastern part of Østfold County an is home to a large number of lakes with excellent possibilities for game angling. Within this area of just 40 square kilometres there are a total of 68 lakes, 35 of which have brown trout populations. The area is well covered by forest roads, providing easy access to many lakes with car, as well as good parking at trailheads, where short walks through the forest lead to many quiet, hidden lakes.
Deep in the pine forests of Vestfjella you will enjoy peace and quiet, wandering with your rod between the numerous excellent brown trout lakes. Contact us for a printed guide to the area - and look forward to some excellent fly-fishing. Trout populations here are in excellent shape, with sizes of up to 1 kilo.


If you want to fish in Vestfjella you can stay at:
T�mmerhytte i kjernen av det unike fiskeomr�det Vestfjella
Hytte med muligheter for fiske i Ara og Vestfjella
Hytte ved Svarttjern i Vestfjella
Hytte i fiskeområdet Vestfjella

Fjella KulevannetFjella is a large forested area in the inner part of Østfold county. This region holds many lakes – both large and small - where excellent angling for brown trout awaits you.
In Fjella you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet days wandering with your fishing rod between the many small trout lakes that dot the area. Catches of brown trout up to 1 kilo are not unusual.
The area is well covered with forest roads, and walking distances to the lakes from you car range from just a few feet to a few kilometers. If you want to fish in Fjella you can stay at:
Veslestue på gård i Degernes med fiske og turmuligheter

The Lundeby watercourse
LundebyvassdragetThe Lundeby watercourse contains 3 small to medium sized pike-lakes: Lake Lundeby, Lake Skinnerud, and Lake Haugerud. These are quite shallow lakes surrounded by rolling farmland, all offering excellent angling for good populations of pike, perch and roach.


The Elgå watercourse
ElgåvassdragerThe Elgå watercourse is situated in the southeastern part of Østfold, and contains several medium-sized lakes which offer fine conditions for angling. Within the lakes there are good populations of pike, perch and some eel, and in the rivers between the lakes there are excellent populations of brown trout. The lower part of the watercourse is easily accessible by car.


River Kampåa
KampåThe river Kampåa is a small trout river situated in the northern part of Akershus County. In its upper reaches it wanders through forested areas before gradually entering the beautiful farm country of Nes, and eventually empties into the river Glomma.
In the river Kampåa you seldom catch larger trout, but the river contains a very high density of medium trout from 0,3-0,5 kilograms. Because of the huge local hatchings of mayfly in the springtime, the river offers excellent
conditions for fly-fishing.

River Vorma
VormaThe river Vorma runs through a picturesque landscape dotted with farms between Norways largest lake, Mjøsa, and Norways longest river, Glomma.
Vorma offers a large diversity of fish. In her currents you will find excellent grayling and trout fishing, while the more silent stretches offer good conditions for perch and pike angling. If you want to fish in River Vorma you can stay at:
Gårdshus ved Vorma

Lake Isesjø
AraIsesjø is a large lake which offers excellent angling for pike, perch and pike-perch. The lake is mostly surrounded by forest landscape, with some agricultural land in the northern part.

Length: 6 km
Area: 6,3 km2
Greatest depth: 38 m If you want to fish in Lake Isesjø you can stay at:
Hytteperle i strandkanten
Tømmerhytta Fjeldvang med fiske i Isesj�

River Glomma in Akershus
AraLocated in the northern part of Akershus Glomma runs for 40 kilometers through beautiful farmcountry before emptying into the large Lake Øyeren.

The river offers excellent pike and pike-perch fishing. In the flowing sections there are good conditions for angling, and in the lower part closer to Lake Øyeren you can catch large burbots and a many other types of fish.

If you want to fish in River Glomma in Akershus you can stay at:
Guttersrudengen, hus med store fiskemuligheter i Glomma
Hytte i Sørum med store fiskemuligheter i Glomma
Kroken - nytt hus i landlige omgivelser ved Glomma
Kroken II. Hus ved Glomma i Fet